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  • ITTF Tournament Table Tennis Table Volant King Premium Table

    ITTF Tournament Table Tennis Table Volant King Premium Table

    This premium table tennis table suitable for championships. Approved by ITTF and NSCC. Silver Undercarriage + Blue Light

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  • ITTF Approved Ping Pong Table

    Double Fish Tournament Table Tennis Table Volant Dream 2

    Double Fish Tournament Table Tennis Table Volant Dream 2 Official Table for 2016 ITTF World Tour Grand Final Size of the table top: 2740*1525 mm with frame of 50*20 mm Height of table: 760 mm (adjustable) Bounce: 220-250 mm Bounce Uniformity: ≤ 5 mm Top glossiness: ≤ 6 Degree of deformation for half of the top: ≤ 3 mm Friction factor of the table top: ≤ 0.4 Stability of the table: ≤ 3 mm Top color: Blue Undercarriage: Made of A3 steel plate Packaging size of the table top: 1600*1455*250 mm Gross weight: 62 Kg Packaging size of the undercarriage: 1650*400*400 mm Gross weight: 75 Kg Professional Official ping pong table for International sport competitions from Double Fish Sport Brand! Table Tennis Series product include Ping Pong Table/ball/blade and so on.

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  • Official ping pong table for competition

    Official Table Tennis Table for Competitons XIANGYUN 328A

    Premium Double Foldable Portable Table Tennis Table, Compact design The new folding system minimizes the risk of injuries during table storage and moving. ITTF approved table tennis table.

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  • Official Durable Ping Pong Table for World Tour

    Official Durable Table Tennis Table for World Tour 99-45B

    ITTF approved official durable table tennis table for international tournament. Thickness of table board: 25mm  TOURNAMENT QUALITY – This professional-grade table is designed for the highest level of competition. PERFECT FOR FAMILIES – Offers premium play for all ages. Go head-to-head or fold up for individual practice. 2-inch heavy gauge steel supports hold up to the toughest challenges. A great centerpiece for your game room, den, or gym. EASY ASSEMBLY –Start playing in minutes with simple Assembly. High-quality net is equipped with locking clamps that are easily attached.

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  • Best Quality Ping Pong Ball

    Best Quality Double Fish V40+ Volant 3 Stars Table Tennis Ball

    Double Fish V40+ Volant 3 Stars Table Tennis Balls Conform to ITTF lastest T3 Technical Standards. Approved by ITTF and official balls for Table Tennis Team World Cup 2018 in London.  Higher bounce ,Tougher,Safer and more Durable than traditional celluloid ABS seamed ball.

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  • hinoki 1 table tennis blade wholesale

    Double Fish hinoki 1 table tennis blade


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High-quality development | Double Fish Company of Guangzhou Light Industry Group: Shaping the leadership of the

December 23,2022.
Guangzhou Light Industry Group Double Fish Company, as the "main chain owner" enterprise of the sports and fitness industry in Guangzhou, is one of the largest manufacturers of sports equipment and equipment in China. The top ten enterprises in the industry, the advanced enterprise with outstanding contributions in China's cultural, educational and sporting goods industry (2017-2021), the national quality leading brand in the sporting goods industry and other honorary titles, are the first batch of national sports industry demonstration units evaluated by the State Sports General Administration. Entering the "14th Five-Year Plan", Double Fish is committed to becoming an internationally renowned sports brand, transforming into business areas such as the introduction of international events, operation of cultural and sports venues, and national fitness paths, and building a diversified sports industry ecosystem. Operating income from January to October 2022 The year-on-year increase was 24.8%, and the total profit increased by 2.68% year-on-year.

1. Guided by "intelligent manufacturing" to create an innovation-driven sports industry entity

(1) Cultivate a strong R&D drive. Build a Double Fish technology center and continuously enhance independent research and development capabilities. From January to October 2022, R&D investment increased by 13.8% year-on-year, with a total of 70 effective patents. The self-developed Double Fish high-friction and high-stability table tennis table was recognized as a high-tech product in Guangdong Province in 2021; emphasizing the transformation of scientific and technological achievements on product innovation and operating efficiency. Leading role, the economic benefits in 2021 will exceed R&D investment by 18 times. Gather innovative resources, cooperate with Sun Yat-sen University and other colleges and universities in 2022 for 6 industry-university-research projects, carry out 3 special training systems, and train 32 engineers. The technology center has successively won the honors of Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Provincial Industrial Design Center, Guangdong Worker Pioneer, Municipal Engineering Center, and Municipal Model Worker Innovation Studio.

high stability table tennis table
(2) Inject intelligent manufacturing kinetic energy. Promote intelligent, green, lean, and high-end production and operation, and introduce internationally leading table tennis tabletop UV paint roll coating production line, table tennis tabletop intelligent three-dimensional storage, table tennis board automatic production robots and other production equipment, procurement, production, ERP system management for the entire process of the warehouse supply chain system, information code system management for the entire series of table tennis, badminton, and three major ball products, and investment in the environmental protection of the workshop production environment and dust odor emissions. At present, the completion rate of the company's production plan has increased from 50% to 94%, and the production efficiency has increased by 53%.

Zhanyiwang 2 generation table with black background and blue sideline color matching

(3) Promoting the digital transformation of management. Build a full-process digital management system for business data, management norms, and risk prevention and control. Accumulatively formulate 23 information-based and digital-related system specifications, 56 standardized work processes, and 112 standard templates, centering on ERP (Enterprise Resource Management System) and WMS (warehousing management system), CRM (sales customer management module), SRM (purchasing supplier management module) and other information platforms have been built to promote smart office and smart warehousing and logistics systems, with business electronic coverage reaching 80%.

2. Take the lead in "quality manufacturing" and set up an international benchmark for advanced sports products

(1) Products leading international standards. Leading and participating in the formulation of 63 national standards, industry standards, and enterprise standards for sports equipment. As the team leader, he led the drafting of the first domestic table tennis ball machine standard. With the leading production level in the same industry to maintain the international advanced product quality, Double Fish V40+ Samsung dribble ball weight, roundness, hardness, elasticity all exceed the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) international competition ball standards, and become the designated ball for the World Cup. The self-developed Double Fish Super 5th generation ball machine won the German IF Design Award from nearly 11,000 entries from 23 countries and regions around the world. It is the only enterprise in the domestic table tennis equipment industry that has won this honor.

3 stars Table Tennis Ball

V40+ 3 stars Table Tennis Ball

Super five ball machine

(2) Serving international high-end competitions. Successively participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, the 2011 Shenzhen Universiade, several World Table Tennis Championships, the Team World Cup Table Tennis Competition, WTT Middle East, Singapore, Macau series events, and the 14th National Games table tennis Projects and other international and domestic high-end competitions provide competition equipment. In 2022, it will become a global partner of WTT (World Table Tennis Federation), successively provide game balls and build world-class table tennis arenas for the 2022-2023 World Table Tennis Championships and Grand Slam events, and launch event-specific balls and supporting events Custom table.

(3) Promote the development of sports. Relying on table tennis and the three major ball products, we will strengthen research and development around the youth group and promote the integration of sports and education. Co-construct sports venues in the central area of Guangfo area, and develop special children's rackets for children's training to help professional youth training. Provided test balls for the Guangzhou Sports High School Entrance Examination, cooperated with the Liwan Experimental School of the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences to build a Double Fish Sports Campus table tennis activity base, cooperated with the Guangdong Provincial Basketball Association, Guangdong Provincial Sports Federation, etc., for a number of campus leagues, The tournament provides sponsorship and match balls.

3. Layout optimization to create an international sports industry brand
(1) Create a new track for "Double Fish Sports". Promote "Double Fish Ping Pong" to "Double Fish Sports", and create a matrix of multiple sports and fitness products. From 2022 to the present, develop 5 new products of home fitness equipment, 7 new products of sports apparel, 46 new products of the three major ball series, carry out the overall development of yoga and swimming equipment series, and sell new products from January to October A year-on-year increase of 6.03%. Actively promote sports culture, co-brand fashion brands to launch sporting goods, sports cultural and creative products, and develop peripheral products with the cartoon image of brand spokesperson Liu Shiwen as the main element.

(2) Layout new domestic and international markets. Focus on new retail in the domestic market, coordinate social consumption platforms such as Pinduoduo and Douyin, operate simultaneously with social media such as live broadcasts, WeChat applets, and official accounts, and create a closed loop of private domain content marketing management. E-commerce from January to October 2022 Sales increased by 43.6% year-on-year. In 2021, the sales volume of billiard tables and the sales volume of ball machines will rank first in the entire network. Expand the Southeast Asian market by holding folk events and exhibitions, open sales channels on multiple mainstream cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and Amazon, open up new markets such as Jordan, Egypt, Canada, Turkey, and Iran, and open up the "cloud" territory of global business layout. From January to October 2022, exports will increase by 65.4% year-on-year.

(3) Build a sports industry ecosystem. Create a multi-level, diversified and personalized "sports +" comprehensive service business. In 2022, it will sign strategic cooperation agreements with Guangzhou Football Team, Zhongyun Sports, Yunnan Yunjian, Yunnan Plateau and other enterprises to fully participate in businesses such as national fitness, sports mall, events, sports training, etc., and promote the role of "chain owner", and jointly Introduce international and domestic high-end competitions, undertake high-level sports culture exhibitions, and drive the development of the sports industry in the Greater Bay Area. Build the Double Fish Innovation Center to create an innovative display platform integrating sports product display experience, history exhibition, and technology research and development. Start the Double Fish T.I.T Digital Culture and Sports Industrial Park project, and plan to introduce sports-related extension industries and commercial complexes with complex attributes to help build a famous sports city in Guangzhou.
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